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  • An efficient and powerful designing tool
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Includes CorelDRAW┬« Graphics Suite full version
  • Training & Support
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

The world's leading embroidery design software

Convert vectors for embroidery
Convert vectors to embroidery files
Easily add text to existing designs

Stunning stitch quality

  • Precision down to the smallest detail
  • correct bow and corner treatment

Extensive design and editing tools

  • Application of vector lines as you are used to
  • Freehand and automatic functions

Automatic implementation of vector files

  • even better converting from vector to embroidery design
  • and the same for pixel graphics to embroidery file

Flexible use of Embroidery and TrueType fonts

  • More than 200 special embroidery fonts
  • Special fonts for tiny fonts from 3 mm
  • Ingenious implementation of TrueType or Type1 fonts

Add-on Elements now included as standard

Add-on Elements now included as standard Add optional elements

If necessary, you can extend your software in a modular way. The optional Elements lets you add the specific functionality you need.
Add one, some or all of them. That way you only pay for what you really need.