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Company History

At a glance

  • 1986: Founding of the company
  • 1988: Beginning of the development of an own embroidery software
  • 1990: Sales start of the embroidery software McStitch
  • 1993: Start of sales of embroidery machines
  • 1995: Sales of Apple computers and accessories for embroidery
  • 1998: Takeover of the CCS GmbH
  • 2002: McStitch rolls out as a Windows version
  • 2003: CCS GmbH received the general agency of Toyota embroidery machines in Germany
  • 2010: CCS GmbH is the general importer of the successor machine EXPERT ESP for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein
  • 2010: Distribution of SWF embroidery machines in Germany
  • 2011: The CCS GmbH is a distributor for Wilcom software in Germany
CCS GmbH Wilcom Distributor Zertifikat

Our Motto: „Everything round about embroidery!“

The history of the company dates back to 1986. At that time the current CEO of CCS GmbH, Mr. Gietl, founded his company and started building its own embroidery. Build on the big success, began already in 1988 the development of our own embroidery software for rebuilding, editing and management of embroidery machines data using modern computer systems. At developing his practical experience benefited in the embroidery. The software was developed from practice and for the practice and was at first only avaiable for Macintosh computers. MacStitch was repeatedly rewritten, expanded and developed into a complete system for embroidery.
Since 2002, this software is now also avaiable for Windows computers. The simplicity of the user interface and intuitive operation caused a widespread and made MacStitch a coveted tool anywhere in the world. The program exists in four languages and has been used since 1990 in many large and small embroidery companies for creating professional embroidery programs.

The distribution of McStitch brought an increasing number of requests for embroidery machines received by the company. In 1993, therefore, we started with the sale of embroidery machines. Single-head embroidery machines from Toyota are ideal for the build up embroidery businesses and marketing has since expanded steadily and has become an important part of the company.
To serve this segment even better, Mr. Gietl took over in 1998 the management of the CCS GmbH. The CCS GmbH was through his years of experience in the embroidery industry to the leading suppliers of Toyota embroidery machines, embroidery software and embroidery material.
As the CCS GmbH was founded in 1997 by Mr. Engelmann and Lord John, it was mainly concerned with the distribution of KC-caps. The GmbH was and has been the largest importer of KC-Caps in Germany. The caps are by their cut ideal for embroidery and by the great diversity the KC brand is regarded as one of the market leaders in the United States.
The CCS GmbH has therefore a large warehouse in Germany applied, so most caps can be delivered within 24 hours to the customers. The clientele of the CCS GmbH consists largely of embroidery businesses, printing processing companies and re-sellers.
The many years of experience in the embroidery sector now benefits above all our embroidery customers and clients benefited particularly from the experience that has been accumulated over the years.

Everything from one source! That's what the customer wants today! Almost logical, therefore, is that the CCS GmbH also supplies materials for the embroidery needs. These include:
Embroidery threads from Amann-Ackermann, fleeces, needles, spray adhesive, scissors and more.
Among other things, the company also sells a special badge known subsurface material 'Suma'. It is a very stable polyester composite material with great working properties and high stability for embroidery badge.

Another milestone in the company's history took place in 2003. Because of the good results and the optimal care of embroidery machines customers, the CCS GmbH was entrusted with the general agent of Toyota embroidery machines for Germany.

Our goal is the logical extension of our business and our motto is still:
„Everything round about embroidery!“